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Our Vision Is That:

Every Service-Member, Veteran, and their family can easily access the full range of comprehensive services required to achieve their unique goals; and to provide a first-class service experience to match the Service-Member and Veterans' first class military service. 

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1 Year Anniversary in Progress Review & Holiday Luncheon

Local leaders, stakeholders, providers and Veterans gathered to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of NCServes-Coastal. The hard work, commitment and dedication of dozens of individuals and organizations has not only allowed the Coastal region to better serve 700 families, but has put Coastal Carolina on the map as a leader in Veteran service delivery. During this event, NCServes-Coastal  shared the report on the Network's performance against its first year qualitative and quantitative goals, provided an overview of our Veteran Family demographics and service delivery data, as well as, provided recent updates and developments of the network and answered any questions or inquiries. This was not only a celebration of the progress the community has made but, it was an opportunity to discuss where the Network is headed and how partnerships and organizations can be a part of this exciting future for our Veterans, Service Members and families.

Who We Are

Eastern Carolina Human Services Agency, Inc., is the resource and coordination center for the NCServes-Coastal Market. ECHSA, Inc., fosters a collaboration of services for Service-Members, Veterans and their families in 20 counties. The NCServes-Coastal network includes providers offering a comprehensive range of services, such as: Benefits, Clothing & Household Goods, Education, Employment, Food, Health, Housing, Individual & Family Support Services, Legal, Money Management, Social Enrichment, Spiritual Enrichment, Sports/Recreation, Transportation, and Utilities.

What We Do

The NCServes-Coastal network utilizes a shared software platform that connects all participating providers in order to make referrals and track outcomes. Military and Veteran families residing in Onslow, New Hanover, Craven, Brunswick, Carteret, Pender, Columbus, Beaufort, Sampson, Duplin, Bladen, Pamlico, Jones, Hyde, Pitt, Greene, Wilson, Wayne, Lenoir, and Robeson Counties now have easier access to the services they need and deserve.

How It Works

Step 1:  Veteran/Military Family Engagement

Individuals looking for services can utilize the NCServes-Coastal Network in four different ways: The Veteran/Military Family can complete an intake at the coordination center, complete a referral at a network provider office, self-refer via the web, or by phone.

Step 2:  NCServes Coordination Center evaluates the Veteran/Military family needs and goals.


Step 3: NCServes Coordination Center sends the referral to the appropriate network provider who can best address those needs and goals.

November 16, 2017

CAMP LEJEUNE GLOBE -- NCServes puts North Carolina in the lead for Veteran support across U.S.

While the military sets you up for success with a plethora of benefits, services and resources to address each individual’s needs, there are times when veterans, active duty service members and their families may encounter unique situations and are sometimes faced with navigating through an overwhelming amount of information and hundreds of resources; many of which have specific eligibility criteria. So where do you go to? Who do you call?

Thanks to NCServes, veterans and their families can have streamlined access to thousands of resources. The program cuts through the tedious process or weeding through prerequisites and hundreds of service providers, connecting veterans and their families directly with agencies or benefits specific to their needs and eligibility.

November 16, 2017

PARAGLIDE --- Organization Serves Local, State Veterans

NCServes is a state affiliate of AmericaServes, which was developed by the Institute for Veterans and Military Families.

The idea behind the creation of this network was to allow the community to bring collaboration to the next level and coordinate when seeking to help veterans.  AmericaServes’ goal is to bring a more comprehensive and navigable set of resources to service members, veterans and their Families, according to their website. The resources available to service members, veterans and their Families are extensive and include 40,000 service providers. The sheer number and complexity of available resources has been cited by a Google study as the number one obstacle to veterans accessing the help and assistance they are qualified to receive.

November 16, 2017

PORT CITY DAILY -- Veteran's services are plentiful but hard to navigate; NCServes wants to fix that!

WILMINGTON — There’s a new service that’s helping veterans navigate the often confusing variety of resources available to them.

NCServes is a coordinated network of public, private and non-profit resources for veterans and military families. Director Jerrick Vernon said the main goal of the initiative was to help veterans and their families receive help from the wealth of resources offered in their area.

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Why Should You Join?

  • We provide services for which you are eligible.

  • We do the homework for you.

  • We decode the eligibility requirements for you.

  • Our network providers work together which means you only have to provide your information once.

How To Get Started?

To get started please complete the Referral Form by clicking on the link below

For more information Contact Us by Phone: 1-844-435-1838

Fax: 910-347-1237



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